The truth about pretty much everything

Hey, everyone! It’s 7:51pm and actually there is no “everyone.” But as my winemaker-in-the-making husband is on another one of his late nights and it’s just me and the little Mister here at home

(with the remnants on his nose from the entire tube of doggy toothpaste he ingested yesterday),

I decided to *finally* start a fascinating blog about our Wine County life. Here are the nuts and bolts:
  • High School Sweethearts

  • Cody went to Williams

  • +  I went to Northwestern (*College, not University. And College in Iowa, not College in Minneapolis. Keep up).

  • Cody went to South Africa

  • + I went to India

  • Cody went to Rome

  • + I went to Oxford

  • Then we both came home.
Photo Cred: the *brilliant* Vanessa Bartels
  • But then we left again and got here.

And now, here we are, undergoing our second harvest in Sonoma Valley, California. I get to be what the locals call a harvest widow, chillin’ and working free overtime at my job while Code works the lengthy hours that come with the job of a harvest intern. 

(Photo Cred: Balletto Vineyards‘ Amazing Ashley)

And as such, I will say random things about our life and try to take artsy photos of it (Cody told me that I could start a blog once we got a crazy awesome camera, woothanksCanon). And sometimes start sentences with coordinating conjunctions for artistic effect. And sentence fragments too. 

So for now (there it was again), I’m pretty much addressing no one, but I’m pretty sure if Kinley could read, he’d like it, and that’s my standard of measurement. 

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