Remember, remember, the 26th of September

Today is an epic day. 

See, for the last 22ish years, I’ve been horrible at remembering this day. 

But it is a day worth remembering for many reasons!

Okay, only one reason. 

Today is the day of this gal’s 20somethingth birthday.

Okay that picture is kind of hard to see (but that fog is epic, no?)

Yes, friends, it is the birthday of my one-and-only oldest sis. Sar, you’ve stuck by me through it all.

From high school prom…


…through college

 From scraped knees to first dates (and horrible dates), from American Girl dolls to bike rides to following each other around the hallways (after you always made sure to give me a pre-1st day tour, of course).

[If I ever called you bossy, I only partly meant it.] 

Thanks for leading our fearsome foursome

through fears and fights and foolery.

Thanks for the zillions of notes stuffed into my locker and taped to the bathroom mirror.

Thanks for always saying “I love you” before you walked out the door.

Thanks for teaching me that all the world’s problems can be conquered with a silent prayer and an extra coat of lip gloss.

And thanks for texting me literally every day since we both learned how to text, “Hey Em, hope you’re having a great day. Love you!”

Love you too, Sar Bear. Let’s always be like this. 

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