Feeling Fall-y

Kinster and I are winding down for the evening, and we just got home from work.

We’re in a ridiculously fall mood today. 

Except… it’s 84º. And sunny. No wind.

Welcome to California. 🙂

But seriously, give me boots, sweaters, scarves and mittens and set me loose on a pile of crunching leaves, and I’m set for hours (and with a pumpkin-flavored soy latte in my hand, days). 

I don’t know what’s making me feel the most like fall. Maybe it’s the way I drive through the Patz & Hall winery parking lot with the windows down at night and inhale the dizzying smell of fermenting grapes. Maybe the way I could see my breath at the Giants game last night or the way I couldn’t get enough of walking down the San Fran sidewalks with my arm linked through Code’s. 

Pause: Giant’s game!

It was so awesome. Our dear friend Luke (who was basically our 2nd or 3rd Sonoma County friend ever) clinched us epic tickets (*epic in my non-sports mind = anywhere close) in the foul ball zone left of left field. 

We got to take the ferry across the bay, and on the way home I stood on the back of the boat and watched the waves ripple behind us. It. Was. Cold. But awesome, and I sort of imagined that there were humongous whales helping the boat move forward. 

That’s because I’m obsessed with whales, but we’ll save that for another day. Elephants, too.

So, in honor of feeling fall-y (a much better adjective than “autumnal,” in my opinion, unless you are talking about Mr. Tumnus and want to make some nice assonance), Kinley and I decided to make…

CLAM CHOWDER. [Excited Face]

So, we went out to the bay, fished for clams (clammed for clams?), painstakingly steamed them, caressing each unique shell…

Yeah, just kidding.

It’s still simmering away, but nothing’s set fire yet (the bacon tried to), so we’re still feelin’ good. 


I forgot about my “it’s complicated” relationship with onions. 

See, onions are my frenemy because when I have my contacts in, they are one of my favorite ingredients. BUT. When I have a big scratch on my eye and have to wear my glasses, oh the burn. 

So I made a squinty face and bore with the pain because dang it, this chowder is a labor of love.



2 thoughts on “Feeling Fall-y

  1. Angela Worthley says:

    I don't know…I admire your adventuresome culinary spirit, but clams and oysters fall into the same group for me. Ick. You never know though, Cody has gotten me to try stranger things.Did you ever ready "One Morning in Maine" by Robert McCloskey? (He's the author and illustrator of "Make Way for Ducklings" and "Blueberries for Sal".) It's about a tooth lost while digging for clams. : )

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