A case of the Tuesdays

Hmm it seems I need my dear husband to have another late night so I can do a fascinating blog post on our crazy life (see, he goes out and does it and I stay here and write about it). 

But he got home “early” tonight (7:30pm), noshed on the delicious chicken strips I slaved over,* and now we’re savoring a bottle of Sancerre and listening to jazz music. 

Sooo now seems like a great time to incorporate something highly significant into my extensive blog repertoire.

The Tasting Note.

Because by golly, we taste a lot of wine, and in an ideal world, Code would contribute his expertise and education to make this a super smartypants wine blog. We’ll get there.

For now, here’s my wine novice take on Sancerre. 

Sancerre. The most important thing about it is the breathtaking vocalics it takes to pronounce. As a great New York Times article on Sancerre intimates, 

The soft sibilance, the internal alliteration, the smooth completion, whether you give it the clipped French pronunciation or simply ease off the word American-style — it’s a beautiful sound, suggestive of beautiful wines.”

Say it with me:


Bonus points for a little rolled “r” there on the end.

Sancerre, the basics:

1. Grape: Sauvignon Blanc

2. Source: Sancerre, France, which is in the Loire Valley (central north-west France, in kind of a horizontal strip sticking out from the western border)

3. Taste: stealing from NYT again, good Sancerres are characteristically restrained rather than exuberant, perfumed with citrus and chalk rather than bold fruit. The aromas and flavors are of lime, grapefruit and lemon, of flowers and sometimes of herbs, and of minerality, a kind of catchall impressionistic description of a quality found in many great wines.”

This one:

2011 Cherrier Père & Fils Verdigny-en-Sancerre

Tastes like freshness. Acidic, in a fun way – a great complement to today’s 97º weather. Kiwi, perfumed nose with lots of apple; on the mouth, fresh and personable with apple cider-meets-stoniness. Yummy. 

Pairs well with a messy kitchen, Big Bang Theory, and midnight snack mac ‘n’ cheese. 


*Umm yep no. 

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