Home is where the Something is

It’s Monday and wow, I haven’t posted in a while. 

Kinley and I went back to work today after two days off, which is always a little tricky. Catching up on emails, getting all my ducks in a row, and mostly, just trying to think about marketing wine again after having a beyond perfect, totally blissful weekend in Orange City with my family. 

(This is going to be our Christmas card once Graham photoshops Cody behind some heads :D)

I’m not sure what made it so amazing. Was it the long breakfast chats with Dad over coffee at the crack of dawn? The strolls around town with my momma, chatting about life and crunching on leaves? Seeing my great-grandma’s stunned face when I surprised her at her room at the retirement community; hearing the love in her voice as she asked me about our wine life; holding her dense-with-wisdom hand as she played with the ring on my right ring finger. 

I was able to sit and think and ponder, and above all, feel things. I felt like I stepped back in time, walking around the Northwestern campus and popping into professors’ offices. Seeing familiar faces in the tiny downtown shops and at church. Seeing familiar faces, period. Laughing with my sisters and somehow getting all that mind-wandering done with the cacophony of top-speed chatter on and around me. Laughing more when I said melodramatic things like that and Rachel just looked at me like really

Running across the golf course like it was a field of dandelions to jump on Sarah and Kurt…

…then completely losing our voices screaming for Bekah as she totally killed it at her cross country race. 

My joy came in a cup of coffee, the kind only Vanessa could make; the kind we used to sip as we stood across the kitchen from each other during summer lunchtime while her kids – my babysittees – scampered off for a half hour. The same kitchen where I first blushed and told her I had a boyfriend, his name was Cody, and he was really cute and smart and played trombone and piano and baseball.

…of course, now 50% of those kids I babysat happen to be TALLER THAN ME and stud XC runners too. At least I can still hoist Elsie onto my back. 

The joy of my weekend was even on the plane, first knowing that my mom would be waiting when I landed, then knowing Cody and Kinley would. 

I felt like I went home for a weekend, but then I didn’t – then I felt like I went away for a weekend, and now I’m home. I guess I can have more than one, right? 

Or we could just take naps between the feelingful moments. 

(Yep, Rach. I said that. And my eyes are still drinking.)

3 thoughts on “Home is where the Something is

  1. Vanessa Bartels says:

    Oh….Emily! I just read this. Forgot about your blog in the busyness of life! I have thought many times of the lovely time we had when you were home. So blessed we are, to have you in our lives!Miss you…..Vanessa

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