Wine Masters in Training

Okay, like two seconds ago I published a post, but another one is comin’ anyway for a couple reasons.

Firstly, life was in a pretty stately routine that sped into a whirlwind of stuff until my Iowa trip, when a bunch of awesome things happened for me to blog about. Secondly, the Iowa trip, and Thirdly, Phase 1 commenced today of our continued education.

Freshman year in college I figured I’d go to grad school – probably for a literature-esque topic. Sophomore year I thought hmm maybe I could do law school and become the next famous English major. Junior year I toyed with the idea of seminary. Senior year I half considered redoing a ton of undergrad to be pre-med and go be that kind of doctor.

I didn’t think you could major in wine at all; Code and I talked about it a little bit before we moved – that people could decide when they were 18 to get a degree in winemaking (when they couldn’t even buy it). But just like there are political science and literature majors, there are viticulture and enology majors. And just like there’s culinary school, there’s wine school. 

I still don’t understand how it all works; there are a bunch of different “schools,” if you will, including classes that certify Sommeliers. There’s the Institute of Masters of Wine which is just as scary as it sounds (only like 300 Masters of Wine in the WORLD. They know everything). And somewhere in there on the totem pole of wine ed, there’s WSET.

The Wine and Spirits Education Trust, where trained professionals guide us students through several levels of courses on all things wine. There are 4 levels that result in (drumroll please…) a set of letters after your name! “DWS,” to be exact: Diploma of Wine and Spirits. 

In other words, yes please. 

Naturally, Cody and I started with Level 3 (we are counting Year 1 in Wine Country as a transfer class for Levels 1 and 2). Tonight was our first class, and as if our life couldn’t feel any cooler, it took place in an empty cafe underlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Ooooh I got the learning bug. Cody did too; I could see it in the glint of his eye. We were both ITCHING to get our hands on our course materials and, of course, memorize the entire thing. 

I’m pretty sure we get as excited about being in a class again as some people get excited about Disneyland. I seriously would rather drink the words on this page than the wine in the glass. 

That is because I am like this Lisa Simpsons moment almost every day of my life:

Lisa’s response to a day off of school: 
Grade me…look at me…evaluate and rank me!”

[Marge scribbles an A on a piece of paper]

[Lisa walks off, muttering crazily and sighing]


Anyway, Cody and I are super excited to learn a ton about wine. Plus there is a final exam, thus the opportunity (and motivation for me) to get the instant emotional high that comes from finding things out, then knowing them, then putting them onto paper. 

So excited for this next chapter! 

No pun intended. 

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