Celebrating Harvest

Oh man, blog post fail. It’s been way too long since I posted! We’ve been sliiiightly busy with all things life. 

But it’s definitely a good kind of busy: the harvest party, World Series-watching kind of busy. 

We have been hanging out with our Patz & Hall family almost nightly, and it’s been amazing. 

…including watching the Giants win the world series!

And positing so many times on my company’s facebook about it, I got a “cease and desist” from my boss saying “hey, we’ve got people in Michigan too.” 

Oops 🙂 

Saturday night, we had Morgan’s harvest party (for Bedrock Vineyards), and the night ended with a spontaneous taco truck run, a crackling bonfire, and sleeping under this blanket:

Basically, we feel incredibly blessed right now. Great friends, tons of fun, whole hog roasts,

 lots and lots of food made with duck fat, and delicious wines. 

Yesterday the last grapes of harvest came in to the winery. Cody and the other 8 interns did the last weighing, sorting, crushing/pressing/fermenting cycle. They still have lots to do (mostly cleaning and barreling down), but technically, the harvest is done. And I am nostalgic. 

Both harvests Cody has done have been so full of friendship and life – I’ll never forget visiting him at Balletto last year and smelling the grape juice mingling with the smell of the night settling on the nearby pond. This year, the setting was different – no surrounding vineyards (the fruit comes in from everywhere), but immersion into a group of friends that considers a night not spent together wasted.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Harvest

  1. Angela Worthley says:

    Growing up in an agricultural area, I know harvest can be a very intense and emotionally satisfying time as the fruits of our labors are gathered into the barn. I trust that you'll look forward to it even when the in-between-times grow long. Love you!

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