Close encounters of the vinous kind

Extra, extra! We’ve got news.

And I’m practically dizzy as I relay it to my 3 blog readers out there – I was taking it all in again this morning with my coffee and journal, and one thing is true: God has blessed us beyond all we could ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20-21).

Aaaand now since we announced this to the Facebook world, I can quote it on my blog: last week, Cody accepted a position starting August 2013, to be the Assistant Winemaker for Bedrock Wine Company here in Sonoma.


This was my Facebook post about it. It was a lot more verbose than Cody’s (surprise, surprise), which was:

But seriously, this is huge. Cody hasn’t been emphasizing it much because he doesn’t do such things, but he will be one of the youngest assistant winemakers in the industry (landing the job before he turns 24 next month). 

Speaking of talented young guys, that’s essentially what the Bedrock Dream Team is: Morgan Twain-Peterson (who needs more introduction than this blog post allows) and Chris Cottrell, an astounding (and astoundingly young) New Yorker salesman. 

But more on that later.  

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