Feeling like tourists…

…is SO much fun sometimes. Well, all the time. And honestly, the last three months have felt like one huge vacation (except for the whole working full-time thing. But we’ll bypass that for now).

Today, Lisa (all-star winemaker in Maryland + Patz & Hall intern + our lovely friend) and Angela (pro yogi + Patz & Hall intern + our lovely friend) had their last day in California for a while. 

So we painted the town red.

Well, not really.

Right now, we are just chillin’ in Cody’s and my apartment, kind of waiting out the night. But we have had an INCREDIBLE weekend.

Morgan, Cody, and Lisa went to the seashore to get us oysters, mussels, and clams (oh my!)

…the men thought deep thoughts about how great the 2013 vintage for Bedrock will be, of course.

We drank some AMAZING Champagnes:

(Taittinger Comtes de Champagne, 1990 Veuve la Grande Dame,Philipponnat Clos de Goisses, and 1990 Krug).

Daaaang. I’ll never look at $3 Barefoot Bubbly the same again (sorry, Barefoot).

Then we presented Morgan with his thank-you gift,

which, of course, was a Champagne saber. 

Poor Multi-Vintage Krug didn’t know what was coming.

We have had such an incredible harvest with great friends – God’s blessings are truly never failing. 

Then, today, we had a grand ol’ day in the city. 

Highlights: the California Academy of Sciences

(I’m OBSESSED with Blue Whales),

Yum-Tastic Iced Cream at Smitten 

And an all-around great time despite constant San Fran rain. 



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