Random Thoughts (& Quotes) of the Day

1. Today, my word of the day was “whomever.” I struggled with some uses and misuses of the elusive (yet ever-present) objective case that crept up in my line of sight today. 

What an elusive word, today, and one that spreads like the grammatical equivalent of the Noro Virus. Ping! one person uses the word. Ping! it crops up again in a different person’s email – and exponential growth results. 

A couple tricky ones:

“There is no exclusivity agreement, you are free to advertise/promote wherever and with whomever in tandem with your OnSale promotion.”

“hi to whomever gets this first…

I do think it makes sense for whomever is launching the emails to…”

“Please pass this on to whomever does winery referrals.

“…so he needs to schedule with whomever would be coming to the warehouse…”


And all of them are preceded with a preposition, just like how we use “whom.” Tricky tricky.  Many thanks to Grammarbook.com for the help on this one.

Whoever/whomever Rule #1: split the sentence in two and replace each half-sentence with “him/her” or “he/she.”

him + he = whoever 
him + him = whomever

Give it to [whoever/whomever] asks for it first.
Give it to him. He asks for it first.
Therefore, Give it to whoever asks for it first.

We will hire [whoever/whomever] you recommend.
We will hire him. You recommend him
him + him = whomever

We will hire [whoever/whomever] is most qualified.
We will hire him. He is most qualified. 
him + he = whoever

In other words, all we care about is the second half of the given sentence. There, when the [whoever/whomever] is a subject (doing something), it’s “whoever.” If that word is an object (getting something done upon them), it’s “whomever.” The part that matters it the second half of the sentence. 

…which does indicate that almost all of the examples above are wrong-o. Oops. Punctuation can be a prudish mistress, my friends. My conclusion? If it isn’t preceded with “to,” “for,” or “from,” just don’t use “whom” at all. Nobody does, anyway; let’s just let language be its ever-changing organism. 

2. The pairing of the night? Tea and a chapter on Italian wine. 

And quote of the night, from my wine book:

“Italy remains the Jurassic Park of viticulture.” 

I love sentences that involve something being the something of something. 

3. A random thought about Christmas music. I found a great station on Pandora that is (so brilliantly) called “Christmas.” My one thought? I wish I could sub-divide the station into Jesus (aka Real) Christmas vs Santa Christmas. There’s nothing so maddening as hearing the 3rd transposition of Santa Clause is Comin’ to Town when you’re just plan jonesing for some Hark! the Herald Angles Sing.

Which is, of course, my favorite Christmas song. Of all time. But we’ll touch on that in another post.

4. Mmmm amazing weekend of hiking, seafood, and stunning views. 

And some makeshift hydration for the Kinster.

We are so blessed to live in this place. Cody always says that every time he sees beautiful mountains, it’s like a little note from God – a little reminder of how much He loves us.

Amen to that, huh?

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