Okay, I have to do it – so bear with me.

This guy turned 24 this week.

Aaaand well, he is awesome. So I would like to present for my 3 blog followers out there: 24 reasons [today] why I love my husband Cody.
  1. That he knows my flaws better than anyone, and loves me nonetheless.
  2. Um, have you SEEN how organized our kitchen is?
  3. That he’s the smartest person I know and isn’t a jerk about it [that much 😛 ].
  4. That he is a great listener, especially when I am being an even greater talker.
  5. That he fulfilled our prenuptial vow to get a dog as soon as humanly possible.
  6. That he works tirelessly to support our family.
  7. That he is wise to such an extent to know when some of the toughest disputes just need a good game of rock, paper, scissors.
  8. He laughs often – even to lighten a hard situation.
  9. That he serves me in everything he does, from making an itemized grocery list at the beginning of the week and cooks us delicious meals.
  10. That he pursued a career that happens to involve a luxury item that we now can spend far less than the average wine collector, while drinking twice as good.

  11. That he thinks and prays through every decision to make sure it’s the right one.
  12. That despite how awesome he is, he knows that God is awesomer, and it’s only through His grace that we are where we are.
  13. That he takes me on adventures.
  14. His unfailing loyalty.
  15. He doesn’t worry. Like, really, he doesn’t.
  16. Jawline.
  17. He loves dogs even more than I do – and most specifically, our dog.
  18. He takes said dog outside in the rain precisely when I don’t want to.
  19. He does things like read patiently while I watch things like Elf, Glee, and Twilight (yeah, I said it).
  20. He looks really good in preppy J Crew clothes
  21. He is helpful
  22. He makes me better
  23. He has a nice laugh
  24. He kills the spiders

Photo Cred – Vanessa Bartels 

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