I love writing days for a lot of reasons.

1. They seem perfect for a rainy day

2. Sometimes I get to go somewhere fun (Like Crisp Bakeshop, two blocks away from our apartment and YUMMY).

3. Writing days usually go hand in hand with learning, or remembering, really really awesome words. Today’s hot-list:

  • Gardemanger – French, pantry. Literally garde (keeper/guard) + manger (v. to eat/ n. meal), so the thing that keeps/guards your meal. It’s also the name of a course at the Culinary Institute of America on how to do French-style sauces, tureens, and other cold preparations.
  • Paradisiacal  – in addition to being a six syllable word, which we all need in our lives, it is a good ol’ synonym for “perfect” or “ideal” which all writers need lots of. Bonus points: the exact definition is “of or relating to paradise,” so it can be used for a lot deeper things than the phrase “paradisiacal pairings,” which I used today.
  • Brussels sprouts – okay, I know, I already knew what these sometimes weird-smelling, sometimes delicious veggies were (or, if you are Wikipedia, “a cultivar in the Gemmifera group of cabbages”). I totally spelled it wrong on the first try: brussel sprouts, but no siree Bob, they are sprouts from Brussels. And that is why I’ve not been to Brussels.

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