No. 4

I had a complete out of body experience a couple weeks ago, and it is out of sheer laziness that I haven’t finished this post yet. 🙂
It was the crushing moment of realization that I was saying happy birthday to my youngest sister. And by Happy Birthday, I mean happy SIXTEENTH birthday.
So in honor of baby sister being way not baby anymore, here are some ridiculous “throwback” pictures of our dynamic duo.

And a more recent one for good measure 🙂

I can barely attempt to fully describe the awesomeness that is Bekah. The sister that completes our family of six, the patient one that dealt with years of perfecting the art of listening [to soliloquy after soliloquy of high school gossip and band concert after band concert], my lifelong sanity and counsellor, a little woman wise beyond her years.
A graceful dancer with hilarious wit; a record-braking runner who doesn’t realize how talented she is; a sister so kindhearted that she can sense what everyone around her is feeling; an amazing best friend. 
Oh, and Kinner agrees. Happy (very belated) birthday, Bekah! xoxo

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