Why this blog is about to get lots more interesting

As the Joker once said, “here we go.”

I’m going to excuse the long absence of posts here to the sheer amount of life changey things happening around the Rasmussen family since the new year. In a word, woah. 

The problem: Cody’s dream job starts late this summer, where we plan to move (to somewhere with a yard, knock on wood!) and essentially get nice and comfy in Sonoma County for the unforeseen future. 

The natural solution: leave the country and travel like crazy hippies for those months.

…the Rasmussens are going to New Zealand!

For future winemakers, this is actually not as crazy as it sounds. Before getting full-time jobs, the best job option is to do harvests. This work is seasonal with little promise of future employment; Cody’s first boss here said from the get-go, “I could love you like my son and I still won’t be able to keep you after harvest.” 

So until the glorious full-time offer cometh, cellar-workers do the travelling winemaker gig. The goal is to get as many harvests as possible under one’s belt in as little time as possible.

That’s where this little beaute comes in:

(No not the world, silly – the equator).

Harvests in the Southern Hemisphere take place from February-May, allowing ambitious cellar-workers to do multiple harvests in one vintage. If you get really crazy, you can even squeeze in three.

You may remember that Cody already landed a full-time job (and the best one he could ever ask for, for that matter) after doing only two harvests. That is because he is awesome and his future boss is also awesome.

but we still have only one southern hemisphere harvest left before we stop the seasonal work, which means… we’re heading to Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand to start work!

Cody is working for Craggy Range, and I’ll also be working for a winery there (yet to be 100% officially determined). 

We’re essentially packing up all our stuff, putting it in storage here in Sonoma, and heading out to the great beyond – with a couple stops on the way.

Now let us address the heartbreaking (for some) and wonderful (for others) concern of the Kinster.

We decided, with much sadness in our hearts, that Kinley should not go through the adventure (or torture, depending on your views thereof) of the super-long transpacific flight, then the 15-day quarantine required for pets upon arrival in New Zealand. He would also find it most uncomfortable to come while we essentially car-camp around both islands.

His savior? Cody’s momma. 

He’ll be staying with Cody’s mom in Orange City, only a couple blocks from my family, while we venture off into the great beyond, and I’m sure we’ll get some great puppy kisses when we return.

He is also super excited to pursue his relationship with his adopted second cousin once removed, Stella (aka my Uncle’s puppy Golden Retriever)

particularly to perfect his skills of completely covering himself in mud in one roll.

I’m super excited to turn the “regular (though still awesome) life” blog into one focused more on travel as we head out in the next months. I’ll post our travel schedule next. 

As a nice little ending note, this is the third Google Image result for “New Zealand.”

…let the adventure begin.

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