Getting Fancy (and procrastinating)

There is nothing like blogging on a Wednesday night while not studying for my wine test.

Let me back up. 

I used to think I was a pretty good student. It’s super prideful, yep. I thought I was so good at going to class, studying stuff, taking tests, the whole shebang.

Then I met WSET

Uggghhh I don’t know what to do. I need to work way harder than I am at studying, so maybe I should stop right now and memorize the sub-regions of Bordeaux. You’d think studying wine would be nothing more than sticking your nose in a glass of wine and saying seventeen different kinds of fruits and spices. But it’s a lot more hard and fast memorization than I ever thought, and I’m thinking I lost my studious mentality from my college years.

What I have not lost is my sweet tooth.

And yesterday, it found bliss in the form of the 2013 NASFT Winter Fancy Food show.

I didn’t get nearly enough pictures, but the bottom line is So. Much. Food. From salumi to salsa to soufflé, and more kinds of chocolate and decoratively-wrapped popcorn than you could ever imagine. Now THAT is a major perk of working in the NorCal food & drink industry. Yum.

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