Vino Italiano

Well, friends, the countdown is on. 

The way our progression over to New Zealand is happening in stages.

Stage 1: Finish work

It hasn’t really hit me yet that my time at invino is over. Today is Friday and my last day was Wednesday, filled with the flurry of finishing things and passing on information and writing my last couple of wines. 

One of them was an Aglianico (Ah-lee-AHN-ih-ko) from Puglia, the heel on Italy’s boot:

A couple sources I read referred to the wine as the “Barolo of the South,” enjoyed by Ancient Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans way forever long ago.


A couple of my wonderful co-workers surprised me with a few of my favorite things – cheesecake, some pretty flowers, and this:

Awesome, awesome Ampersand mug. 

It’s Starbucks’ Valentine’s Day mug, which just goes to show you how much we should all love this icon of the punctuation world.

I’ve worked with some seriously incredible people over the last year and a half, and still can’t believe that season (and my first real person job) is over. 

Stage 2: study for my wine test while undergoing a socio-biological study on the behaviors of Golden Retrievers.

So far, the daily schedule is based on chilling out at various locations throughout the apartment, highlighted by snack time (yesterday: half a banana from the counter, part of a rubber glove, and the wrappings around a roll of quarters), and nap time (with a homemade nest of all the pillow, blankets, and accessible clothing in the apartment piled up in front of the window).

And as far as the studying goes, our test is Monday, and my book is sitting next to me waiting for me to finish writing this. 

I decided to approach my studying in terms of vocabulary sheets, which helped me in high school and college. Plus since I like words, the vocab style makes studying a lot more interesting.

Without really intending to, we got to study Italian wine yesterday at the Tre Bicchieri tasting in San Francisco. Tre Bicchieri from Gambero Rosso is an award that translates to “three glasses.” Essentially, if the wine is one you’d have a single glass of (so pretty good), it’s awarded One Bicchieri; two glasses, Two Bicchieri; and three glasses, Tre Bicchieri. Many of the wines there yesterday were Tre Bicchieri winners – my favorites were the Franciacorta (an awesome sparkling Italian wine – some aged on lees 5-6 YEARS).

Cody agreed.

Stage 3: Pack

The five loads of laundry are doing their thing right now and I’m picking up boxes today. More on that later 🙂 Moving day is Sunday!

Stage 4: Driving to Iowa

Stage 5: Sarah and Kurt time in Minneapolis

Stage 6: Flying to Tahiti

Stage 7: Travelling in New Zealand before work starts March 11th.

Here we goooooooo!

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