Cross-Country Tour

We made it!

Well, across the country, at least. 

We spent Sunday packing up our schtuff and with the help of these awesome guys,

moved it all into a storage facility.

And celebrated with some yummy beers after. 

I spent my time siphoning grease out of that oven and fighting the nasty cold that is still living inside my respiratory system.

We took our wine test on Monday, and it actually went okay! I was super nervous, but I somehow knew most of the answers. I’m going to attribute it to Cody talking about the wine stuff all the time. Thanks babe. 🙂 

One of the questions was about the different Riesling Prädikat levels – I think I’m going to do a post about that, so get excited 😉

Monday and Tuesday night we stayed with Luke’s family and watched the Return of the King. Project getting us pumped for New Zealand: success.

Tuesday morning the journey began. We left at 5am and traversed out of California, through Nevada and Utah, and into the great city of Grand Junction, Colorado.

where we found a hotel that not only was nice and cheap, but also let Kinley stay in our room with us at no extra charge. 

Woo hoo!

Total travel time: 15 hours.

Day 2, we left at 6 and made for Iowa. This leg of the trip, we got to drive through the Rockies. 

The Rockies = awesome.

At this point, we were about done with the whole car situation, but thanks to Kinner, my Kindle, our iphones, and the I’ll Drink to That podcast, we made it through Nebraska… 

…and to our friends and family in Iowa!

Total Travel Time: 13 hours (28hrs total)

Sunday we drive to Minneapolis, hang out with Sarah and Kurty, and fly to Tahiti on Monday morning. Stay tuned 🙂 

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