Finally, a super super long belated update part 2

Hi! Finally finally an update (part 2). This week I have felt totally absent from time. We’ve been traveling for a full week now, and my blog/journaling has been sans internet, mostly. Below are my random Microsoft Word-hewn thoughts from the last week. Forgive their totally sporadic and stream-of-consciousness style. 🙂 


Saturday March 2
Well, we are settled into another place of lodging (not hotel, not hostel… not really sure what) and though I’m without wireless, I’m tying again on my computer to talk about our day.  It’s bugging me (of course) to not be able to post as frequently as I’d like, but there is only so much blogging I can do from my iphone without starting to get a weird iphone headache. 
We have hit a couple of our South Island hot spots this week, Abel Tasman…

and Fox Glacier.

In summary, everything is incredibly beautiful. We’ve spent a lot of our time driving, too, which has been a fun way to check out the scenery. The other day we drove by a huge field of hops. It made the wannabe beer aficionado in me all excited.

Our schedule this week has essentially fallen into two templates: one, a travel day, where we get up, check out of our hotel/hostel/etc, and drive. Drive drive drive.
The new wheels are working out pretty well, though the turn signals gave up after the first day. We don’t blame them; things are pretty crazy right now. Thankfully, we honestly haven’t had to turn much. The first driving day was from Auckland to Wellington on Tuesday; the other day was Friday, when we drove from the north tip of the South Island to the land of the glaciers. Both days were about 7 hours. Big confession time: I read the entire Twilight series on my Kindle during the first driving day. Go ahead and judge. Now I’m on the Lord of the Rings series until I cave and get all of the Harry Potter series. 🙂 What it comes down to is that when I experience new and crazy things, it helps me to undergo a little mental journey to a fictional place.
I’ve basically lost all sense of time, too, which is different after being so time-focused. I guess it’s a natural consequence of being unemployed for a month, with only one daily responsibility: find a place to sleep that night.
Anyway, today was glacier day, and it was pretty sweet. We arrived in glacierville (okay, that isn’t the real name of the town) last night, and did a little viewing hike to check out Franz Joseph glacier. Today was a lot more fancy – we went on a guided hike that took all day, actually climbing on and around on the ice. So scary! I was actually super crazy nervous, but our guide was awesome and we were equipped with everything, from crampons for our feet to rain jackets.

Lunch was made of up a literally two-pound “glacier pasty” from the local bakery – essentially a shepherd’s pie folded up in portable form. It was the kind of thing that wouldn’t have tasted nearly as good if we hadn’t just hiked up an ice-mountain.
My glacier-related word of the day was change. Our guide pointed out the place in the valley where the glacier used to be, and it was shockingly receded from that point. But apparently one decade, the glacier moved forward a few hundred feet.  The landscape was changing basically under our feet, which was super scary – especially when we heard the thunderous sound of a rock crashing to the ground behind us at one point.
Similarly, we went from sweating on a hot climb to freezing in a chilly glacial rain in about an hour’s time.
The terrain seriously had a will of its own, and we poor humans were just trying to find safe passage. Our spike-laden boots scraped and crunched into ice and rock, straddling deep crevices and ice-cold streams. We drank pure mountain water and it was delicious.
Meanwhile, my mind couldn’t help but wander homeward as I thought about Rachie traveling to Amsterdam for her spring break mission trip, Mom and Dad getting home from Mexico, and Noah and Britt gaining a new member of their family. The world is so big, but so small too. I was pumped to pop out my phone when we were back on solid ground and see little Elly’s hour-old face for the first time. Yaaay!
Now to find some dinner 🙂

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