In between islands

Well folks, I am back to hacking out a blog post from my phone. My computer is getting packed onto the humongous ship, along with the rest of our personal belongings. We should be boarding our late-night ferry any minute now, and I’m taking advantage of an outlet before we…

…board! Ok we are on the awesome ferry now. I saw awesome because it is both grand and hard-to-believe, especially for this Iowa girl’s long-landlocked eyes. We are hanging out in the bar/cafe, seated on a couch and watching rugby on big screen tvs while we eat our dinner of rye bread and cheeses that we bought in Christchurch today. We also just happen to be sailing (is it sailing if we have no sails?) to the North Island.

We had a great week tramping around the South Island, seeing lots of beautiful things and only suffering the minor inconvenience of our car dying a pitiful death. Poor lil blue. She had a good life, and was only with us for two short weeks. But she lived out those weeks in glory, and died with honor. Well, sort of – she basically overheated while we were driving from Mt Cook village to Christchurch. Now, I’m not one for handling crises gracefully. But I do have to say (or rather, quote Cody), if our car was going to break down, it couldn’t have come at a better time or place.

First, we had phone service, which was a rarity on that particular drive, and a huge blessing. We weren’t necessarily pumped to be sitting at the side of the road in the hot sun, but the scenery more than made up for the inconvenience.

A nice tow guy came and took us to the nearest town, but not before peeking at the engine (which looked like an alien from Men in Black had exploded inside it… Oh my stars, what if that is really what happened?!?!), and telling us “this car’s not going to Christchurch.” This was the moment where I sort of panicked. Then, as we were driving to the car land, I had a quick little conversation with myself (maybe need to lay off the Lord of the Rings obsessing, since I am starting to channel Gollum). It went like this:

Gollumily: “wahhhhhh this is so horrible.”
Smeagolily: “yes Precious, your life is so hard. After finishing a week and a half of fabulous travel around New Zealand, you suffered the minor inconvenience of the cheapo car living up to its financial identity. Now you are forced to bond with your husband over a dramatic adventure story, which will most likely be a great tale to tell, and which will most likely end with you finding another means of transportation, which you most certainly can afford. This must be so hard for you, really.”
Gollumily: *sniff.* fine, you’ve made your point.

Then regular Emily was back and we (I mean, me and Cody. Not me and the voices in my head) had an adventure.

So we took a bus to Christchurch, stayed in an awesome hotel, and wandered around there today before catching another bus to Picton, where the ferry is. We explored the botanical gardens, and decided we definitely want a rose bush ASAP.

Christchurch was cool in a lot of ways (especially knowing that Grettie lived there for a while after college – so fun to see the same stomping grounds!), but the city still shows a lot of scarring from the 2011 earthquake. It’s so crazy to think about how much the earth is moving and changing, and that all the crazy plate tectonics and fault lines and other things I’m only pretending to understand can alter the ground we stand on. Especially as we are floating in the ocean, just able to feel the gentle rocking of the evening tide.

So tomorrow we get to our new home in Hawke’s Bay, and I am pumped. More later!

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