Chez New Zealand

Well, here we are. 
Well, that’s actually bread. But great name, eh? 

(Yeah, I say “eh” now. Does that seem like weird spelling to anyone else? But how else would you spell it? “Ay”? “‘Ey” like “Hey” with the h removed? Let’s put a pin in that one.)

So right now I’m embracing the tail end of a boring day, currently going through a YouTube channel of awesome Disney (and whatever Anastasia is) music. 

My work is almost 100% dependent on what the grapes and the weather feel like doing, and this week Hawke’s Bay was in a rainy mood.

The 2013 vintage has been super dry, so the rain was definitely welcome, but it’s putting vineyard work on hold for the week. 

The guys, though, are in full swing. This week I got to check out the winery one morning when I drove them to work in our new Soccer Mom van, and it’s totally beautiful, with really cool vineyard views that I’m sure make their long days worthwhile.  

That means that I’ve been putzing around the house and finding little things to do – wine tasting is on the agenda for tomorrow and long term goals include getting good at cooking – but today, I walked around the house and took pictures of it. 

Let me back up: our house is awesome. It is basically a treehouse with lots of rooms, great community space, and a huge garden with FIVE decks.

+ one outside our room. So fun! We’ve had some good times sitting outside, but that hasn’t been super compatible with this weather. 

So today I drove up Te Mata Peak, one of the high points around here. It. Was. Terrifying.

The new set of wheels doesn’t take corners very well, so every time I eased my way around a curve of the mountain, I cringed at the thought of a car zipping down the one-and-a-half-lane road at me (P.S. remember that it was raining?). Then, I realized that I should DEFINITELY not cringe, as one slip would have me and the Silver Bullet careening down the mountainside. No thanks.

Worth it? Yep. 
Hey sheep! 🙂

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