Vintage Drawing to a Close

Where does time go?! We are in the final stages of buying plane tickets back to the U.S., and it looks like we have only two or three more weeks of work left. 

I already said goodbye to my awesome amis françaises, who left for their next New Zealand destination on Tuesday. I already miss practicing my feeble French with them while picking. 🙂 

The last couple weeks were a little crazy with picking, finishing the whites and bringing in most of the reds before the latest rainstorm hit. 

(okay, there was still time for me to take a picture of my eyes peeping out from a tank)

It rained on and off yesterday, but the craziest weather-related thing has been the WIND. 

Our old little treehouse can’t really handle it, and every gust creaks and croaks the rafters around. Thus, I was super pumped to find that Cody and I were both off yesterday, thereby protecting me from any potential horror-film moments in the dark house. 

We had an AWESOME day involving a walk into town (the rain paused for us at that point), a coffee (for me) and a croissant (for him) at our favorite French bakery, some errands around town and a new wine book for Cody, some browsing at the local wine shop, and Indian takeout picked up on our way home. 

Then it was Operation Fiji Planning over lunch. 

Cody is an AWESOME travel planner. He whipped out the Lonely Planet Fiji book we had purchased preemptively, popped open a few Google Chrome tabs, and researched in silence for an hour or so until he emerged to announce he had found some awesome spots for us to stay and visit there. 

So it isn’t official yet, but it sounds like we are stopping in Fiji on our way home! Our tentative ETA in the U.S. is June 1st. 

After the planning sesh, we faced the rain for a drive out to Ocean Beach and Napier. The beach was super windy and a little chilly, but we powerwalked in a quick romantic stroll before running back to the protection of the car.

We came home and got the fire a-cracklin’, and had a great dinner of apples, olives, Brie cheese, and crackers. 

It was SO good to have some rare and precious time together in the midst of busy busy vintage. It sounds like the 14-hour days are essentially over now, but there’s still a lot of work to be done with the wines when they finish fermentation, so the housemates will all keep busy for a couple more weeks. 

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