The End (Sort of)

Well, as shocking as this is, another vintage has come to a close. Cody’s last day was yesterday, and this week was filled with end-of-harvest parties all around – and other parties, since it was my birthday and we got to celebrate with delicious food at Pacifica in Napier. 

Crazy seafood, mmm. 

Now I’m reveling in the little joys, like getting my husband back for more than an evening, and exploring our cute little town for the last couple days here. I bought a nice cut of lamb at the butcher yesterday, which will make an awesome last-night-in-Hawke’s-Bay meal tomorrow night.

Other fun things of the week:

-FaceTime with Rachie when it was both of our birthdays at the same time! (Mine in the US, hers over here)

Happy belated birthday, Rachie! All my birthdays starting with #3 have been extra awesome, cuz we’ve been able to celebrate together. I can’t believe you are 21, but it’s an incredible (IMMENSE) joy to watch you grow in wisdom & beauty every year. Thanks for all the laughs and tears and hugs and … ellipses. Love ya! 

-Meeting some furry friends on my daily walks around town, including a beautiful black lab, some free-spirited kittens, and this dude:

-Finding a Dutch shop in town (I guess it is called New Zealand for a reason, right?) and enjoying some windmill-shaped biscuits thereafter. 

-Hanging out at Clearview the last couple times, both on Tuesday night at the Harvest Party (Spanish themed with paella – mmm)

and yesterday morning for tea with the gang. 
More traveling adventures (and possible blogging from my phone again, woo) in the next few days! 

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