Phone Blogging, Cafe-Style

Welllll it is Saturday and our second round of New Zealand travels is well underway! That means all our NZ possessions are stashed in the soccer mom van and I’m blogging nomad-style, today, at a cafe in Wellington. 

The fun (?) part of this is that we didn’t expect to still be on the North Isle – yesterday morning we woke up at dawn, crawled onto the ferry to head south, and stayed on said boat for approximately eleven hours. 11. Hours. 
Here was my ignorant Instagram yesterday morning: 


And here is a line of people back at the Wellington terminal 12 hours later:

Basically, the swells were nutso between the two islands, and our huge ship just couldn’t maneuver into its dock at Picton. After three hours of attempts, the boat was reeeeally close to docking, and then something broke. Sooo we turned right around and sailed back to Wellington. 
I read two Harry Potter books and listened to half a book on tape, listened to a bunch of musical soundtracks, drank a bunch of free coffees (the staff took good care of us), and all was well until we hit major waves on our journey back to Welly. I was SO thankful I’ve been carrying my Sarah meds with me everywhere, and popped a motion sickness pill; thankfully, Cody and I were spared the torment we could hear – very vividly –  our neighboring passengers  battling against. Lets just say I cranked up my headphones 🙂 
A couple awesome results from the day at sea: 
1. We officially get free passage south. We got refunded from yesterday and didn’t have to pay today, so provided we make it south, we’ll have saved over $200. 
2. Our Wellington hotel/hostel was super kind and gave us an upgraded room the second night but at the same price. SO nice. We had our own bathroom, tea and coffee and hot chocolate in our room, and a fridge and TV, and it was $65. !!
3. Bonus night in Wellington. We stayed here one night before harvest and planned only one night this week, but we loooove Wellington and were pumped to get extra time here. It was super fun to roam around the windy streets last night and check out a craft brew place Cody had read about. The food was kind of Asian-fusion, and a bowl of udon noodles totally hit the spot. 

We have an hour or so before another attempt at the ferry, so we’re heading off for another stroll around the block and to a grocery store for some portable emergency snacks. 

Can’t complain 😀 

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