Wine Adventure Week Recap

Whew! We are in a cute Queenstown café sneaking some free WiFi before dinner, and I can barely remember where I left things off with our travels…
…oh, it was me being grumpy about the crazy ferry action. Well, the week since then has been full of some of my favorite things.
Beautiful Vineyards:
Educational barrel tastings:
Walks with this guy:
Lots of warm beverages:
(Let’s get a close-up of my fine literary preferences, shall we?)
Unconventional places of lodging:
(Yep, that is a renovated train car at the fabulous Waipara Sleepers)
(the pseudo-living room, stocked with train seats).
Winery Dogs:
And TONS of awesome tastings and conversations with winemakers and vineyard managers about their passions.
I’m working on a more detailed series of posts about each region (we spent time in Martinborough, Marlborough, Waipara, and Central Otago), but I wanted to whip out a quick overview post in case I fail to follow through efficiently (funny how being in a state of constant relaxation makes one lazy… hmmm). 
Our main plan of attack for our last three days in New Zealand is to sell our car and organize our luggage. We fly out on Monday (the 20th), but won’t land in the US until Thursday the 30th due to a necessary and superbly inconvenient layover in Fiji. Right. 

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