De Ja Vu

It’s our last day in Orange City for a while. We’re finishing laundry, saying goodbyes, and packing up our car before we start our journey back to Sonoma tomorrow. 
I’m in kind of a sleepy stupor from not-quite-finished jet lag, and a late night with friends last night. Cody and Kinley and I are all kind of napping, and I’m in Writer Mode, whipping out a freelance piece. I think it’s 96% because I’m sleep deprived, but I can feel tomorrow’s departure looming ahead, and I can’t believe how different I feel now than I did two years ago. We celebrated our two-year anniversary, and that means it’s almost exactly two years after our first departure from Home – where I had lived since I was 3 – to a new life and about a zillion unknowns. It was the gloomy stage in our life that was B.K. (before Kinley). Cody had a job in a career he had never dallied in; I had one job prospect and no experience in the field I was looking into; we had a place to live, but no notion of whether it was awesome or sketchy or in a weird neighborhood (or, for that matter, what any of the neighborhoods looked like, as we had NEVER been to Northern California). I was scared out of my wits, figuring out how to be a wife (still doing that one), and 100% clueless about what the next months would bring. 
Now we are driving out to Cody’s dream job, a community and area we know and love, and most of all, dear friends that God gave us so quickly in Sonoma County. It’s just crazy to think about, which is why I have to verbally process by typing it out on my laptop: God’s providence has been so incredible in our lives, that we have no reason to wonder what will happen. And most of all, we have our lil pup, and having this fuzzy boy running around the back of our car and sniffing everything out for us. 

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