The Grand Total

It’s a totally awesome feeling to take multiple days in a row off from my computer. I only just realized that I hadn’t opened mine in four days when Cody and I settled into Starbucks at 10:34am and my computer still said 12:34pm. 
Ahhh, another two time zones changed in the last three weeks. That makes a total of 48 time zones changed (if my math is right):
California to Iowa/Minnesota: +2
Iowa/Minnesota to Tahiti: -4
Tahiti to New Zealand: +22
New Zealand to Fiji: 0! (That was the easy one)
Fiji to Minnesota: -18
Iowa/Minnesota to California: -2
And while we are talking about numbers, I tried to calculate the total number of miles we’d traveled as we pulled into Sonoma on Saturday night. There were way too many numbers, sooo I’m going to try* to calculate it now. These are “shortest distance” miles, so our actual travel distance varied slightly based on the routes the airlines took, but this is a rough estimate.
Sonoma, CA to Minneapolis, MN (Via Orange City, Iowa):
2097 miles
Minneapolis to Tahiti, via Dallas and LAX Airports: 
6523 miles
Tahiti to Auckland: 
2545 miles
Auckland to Havelock North, via Wellington, via the Ferry, via Queenstown, via Christchurch: 
1594 miles
{Harvest was Here}
Havelock North to Auckland, via Wellington, via the Ferry, via the Ferry again after we went the whole way and then had to turn around, via Christchurch, via Queenstown, via Christchurch airport:
1603 miles
Auckland to Fiji: 
1308 miles
Fiji to Minneapolis, via LAX and Phoenix Airport:
7135 miles
Minneapolis to Sonoma, CA via Orange City, Iowa:
2097 miles
GRAND TOTAL: 24,902 miles
And that took me way longer to calculate than I thought. But in conclusion, we are back in Sonoma County! 
Visual aid:
Next up on the week schedule (besides play with Kinster, read, and hang out with our wonderful California friends): finalize a rental, move in, get a new job, possibly buy another vehicle, and settle in. Should be pretty fun. 🙂 
*I take no responsibility for my math skills until the caffeine in my soy latte fully kicks in.

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