This week I ate a fig for the first time.

I mean, I’d had figs before like in Fig Newtons or on a salad at The Girl + The Fig in Sonoma… but I had no idea you could just grab one and eat it, skin and all.

I know I sound kind of like I’m on drugs (to be fair, I did have a cold this week), but seriously, these things are AWESOME.

Then, I was reading Isaiah this morning and found one of many fig references:

“That fading flower, his glorious beauty, set on the head of a fertile valley, will be like a fig ripe before harvest– as soon as someone sees it and takes it in his hand, he swallows it.” -Isaiah 28:4

I was like “heck yes, he did, because figs are COOL.” It’s basically fruit that is already in a super-sugared, jammy state in its totally raw form. Creation is cool. And also, I love when eating food makes me feel closer to Jesus. That is all.


Photo totally from Google. Thanks, Google!

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