This Counts As Late Night for Me

…as I was typing this at 10:39pm the other night. Wow.

I was in Computer Mode tonight finishing some freelance work and felt Bloggy, in a good way, so I finished my Fig post and made a pot of tea in Ollie the Elephant. We’ve had kind of a crazy couple of weeks, so it feels amazing to sit in semi-darkness, sip my tea, and type words onto the computer. #introvertproblems.

Actually, before I start totally speaking in hashtag, let’s talk about the whole introvert/extrovert thing. When I took my Meyers-Briggs test for Northwestern Campus Ministry, I’m pretty sure I scored a 30/30 on Extrovert. I was like the definition of extrovert. I’m not sure what has changed, but I feel a heck of a lot more introverted in my post-college, post-marriage life. Oftentimes Cody and I feel the closest when we’re sitting together on our porch reading in silence. For real. I still get a total buzz serving wine to people in the tasting room… but once a week is more than enough for me. It comes in a concentrated spurt, and then I’m ready for the rest of the week of quiet desk writing time and meetings with no more than four people. One of my favorite times of day is my half-hour car ride home, radio blaring embarrassing Top 40 music. Not to mention awesome alone time with my boys.

I think one of the reasons I’m loving these moments is because my quiet time has been lacking this week. I’m reaching the end of a “workweek” (which, for me, ends on Sunday), and I know for a fact that I’d feel more rejuvenated and energized if I stepped up my Bible reading and journaling time in the mornings. Definitely a good goal for the week, I think – and even though we’re up soooo late tonight, I think I’ll try to kick off the day tomorrow with some early-morning quiet time.

‘Til next time!

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