This really big moon

…is rising right next to me. Our yard gets super dark at night, so the full moon totally stands out just through a nice gap in the trees. It’s so big and bright, I’m honestly surprised Kinley isn’t howling. But he’s munching on a stick at my feet.

It’s been super hot here lately, and humid, which is totally rare for Sonoma County, so for once I’m totally happy at 8:30pm on the porch in my shorts and t-shirt. The neighbor dogs are starting their Evening News segment, where they bark across the hills to each other to catch up on the day’s events, and the crickets are adding a nice little chirping harmony to the night. All I need is a s’more and Cody and it’s the perfect summer night.

But drumroll please… it’s Cody’s first official day of harvest at the new winery! The guys got in the first red fruit of the harvest, so they’re eating together in town before Cody makes his way home. That means I’m in Writer Mode, finishing freelance projects and enjoying how blissfully uneventful my day at home has been. I love Mondays.

For dinner, I threw together a gourmet platter (not) of leftover Brussels sprouts and, for good measure, ate ice cream, too.


I have my eye on the wines we have open in the fridge, too, but haven’t gone there yet. 😉 For now, I’m just enjoying time with my little mischief-maker.

Which reminds me, my “My Retriever is Such a Retriever” moment of the day is brought to you by the Retractable Leash that Couldn’t.

leashThis poor leash didn’t know what it was getting into when Kinner and I set forth on our walk this morning. As we traipsed along the winding road, sort of jogging but mostly just trotting, I saw something out of the corner of my eye that didn’t immediately register, because I so rarely see them out here.

A grey squirrel.

And it was pretty much all over from there in one die-hard sprint. The only casualty was a bit of my flesh that is sporting a red mark from the backlash of the ripped end – no squirrels were harmed. Kin went carousing down the steep hill that goes from the road to the neighboring creek, and at that point (thank goodness) he decided to make his way back to me. I think he realized that he had done something extra bad this time. But I couldn’t stay mad at him for long.



And so recaps my first Monday of Harvest Time! A bit earlier than we expected, but I don’t mind yet. One of these days I’m off and the Bedrock team is getting fruit, I will TOTALLY be up in the hand-sorting again.

Until next time,

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