What-I-Searched Wednesday

Hi! This is probably not going to be a weekly post, but lots of bloggers do “What I Ate Wednesday” (I know) and… I’m not *quite* there yet. (Though if you’re curious: it’s ending with a large glass of 2011 Keller Trocken Riesling from the Rheinhessen and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. But that’s not important right now.)

I’ve been searching some weird things, some that have to do with grammar and punctuation, and some that are just things. Here’s this week’s list!

  • What I searched: “down slope”
    What I found: should be “downslope” (Merriam-Webster)
  • What I searched: “well-situated hyphen or not?”
    What I found: Word was grammar-checking it because of the context: “The building is very well situated” (if it was “the well-situated building is north of Napa,” there would be a hyphen. Shout out to the Hyphen post.)
  • What I searched: “correct date punctuation”
    What I found: I had totally forgotten that when writing the date, the year gets a comma too, even when it’s not the end of a dependent clause (like “On June 11th, 2011, I got married): “January 2nd, 2009, was a day that I knew I’d never forget.”
  • What I searched: “vicinage”
    What I found: basically, it’s a synonym to vicinity. From Merriam Webster: “a neighboring or surrounding district: vicinity.” Now we know how to talk about a vicinity but sound smarter!
  • What I searched: “What does e.g. stand for?”
    What I found: e.g. stands for “exempli gratia,” Latin for “for the sake of an example” (or literally, example that is free), and is used to clarify something by example. i.e. stands for “id est,” and is more like “that is…” clarifying by clarifying.Bonus points for Google Images for turning out this image as the top result for “what does e.g. stand for”:


  • What I searched: “BEO” (because i.e. reminded me of acronyms that I don’t know, and people keep saying BEO at work when talking about events and I keep nodding my head and pretending to know what it stands for)
    What I found: Banquet Event Order. Woo!

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