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My brain is in a million different places, but I wanted to pop in for a quick Harvest update. It is so fun, by the way, that Facebook has incorporated hashtags – I have been checking in on the #harvest2013 tag and it’s a blast to see the action at wineries all around the world.

I am also LOVING that I get to take pictures for work.

Here are a couple snapshots:


Pinot Noir grapes ready to be sorted and destemmed.


A fun Cabernet picture with the beautiful Wine Guide Kate as my model.


And me rocking my Canon at a pick a couple Saturdays ago.

…okay one (or four) more: picking Estate Chardonnay.


My obsession with grapes is as strong as ever, though I like to eat them less after gorging on Gris in New Zealand.

Cody’s harvest is no less romantic than mine, though he is probably burning WAY more calories, up and at ’em from about 7am to 11pm this week. He is of course doing an amazing job as Assistant Winemaker, and I’m SO in awe of his work ethic and all-around awesomeness.

Meanwhile back at the house, Kinley and I are getting into our evening routine when Cody’s not home. Dinner is typically of the sprouts-and-ice-cream mold; last night I made some roasted chickpeas and had a taco with them and black beans and salsa. Today, it almost feels like fall even though it’s supposed to be like 80 degrees later, so I think I’m going to make this Turkey Chili I found on a blog last night.

It’s Tuesday, but I worked yesterday instead of today, so it’s my day off and I’m going to get a haircut, give Kinley a bath, catch up on my online class (which I don’t think I’ve talked about yet. It deserves its own post though), and do a little last-minute shopping for our Iowa trip THIS WEEKEND! We may or may not have procrastinated making sure Cody has his necessary groomsman duds, so I’ll be stopping by the mall today to dabble in the terrifying art of clothes shopping.

I am pumped to talk more about our dear friends Henry and Karissa – but I will take pictures this weekend and THEN post them to have visual aids. Short story: Cody’s BEST friend from childhood and his amazing bride. Can’t. Wait.

We also get to see tons of family and friends this weekend, which will be wonderful, though packed into a short amount of time.  I have the problem of having ridiculously unrealistic expectations for Iowa visits, but it’s so enjoyable to delight in the anticipation that I just go ahead and do it anyway.

More later!


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