Wedding Bells in Iowa :)

Oh my, we had SUCH an amazing time in Iowa last weekend. One of the fun things about living in California is that I appreciate the beauty of the Great Plains a lot more. Every time we visit, it seems like we do during a season I haven’t seen in a long time. This time, it was an Iowa September. Beauty!

IMG_2813 The scenery was definitely secondary to the sheer awesomeness of getting to reunite with friends and family. We took at 5:45am flight on Saturday, got in to Omaha at noon, then drove to Des Moines with just enough time to get settled in before the rehearsal dinner.

There, we got to meet BABY RIVER and see Dave and Ashley, who we hadn’t seen since our wedding. They are one of the wisest and most Godly couples I know, so it was wonderful to spend some time with them.

{Dave, Groom Henry, Cody}

{Dave, Groom Henry, and Cody at the rehearsal}

Then, we got to see Cody’s amazing momma AND go out for drinks with our best couple friends, Drew and Karina and Noah and Britt, before resting up for the perfect fun-filled wedding day on Sunday. Then, Monday before we flew out, we met my parents for some shopping and a lot of eating (and conversation around the table). I’ve just plain realized that I will always be blinking tears when I see my mom. But that’s what happens with kindred spirits. Especially super-emotional ones, right Mom? 😉


Oh my, the weekend was so perfect I don’t even want to describe it because I won’t do it justice, and pictures are more fun anyway. Henry and Karissa are an amazing couple and we were all SO excited to be there to welcome Karissa into our friend-family and witness their union. If you ever see them, just make sure to mention that they should move to San Francisco. Or better yet, Sonoma.


IMG_2718IMG_2733 IMG_2810 IMG_2738 IMG_2747IMG_2749

IMG_2759 IMG_2776 friendsiesIMG_2794

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