Party-Packed November

Today was one of those days where I nestle into our little woodland cottage and do absolutely nothing all day (unless you count three loads of laundry and this blog post something. Let’s say we do). It has been so long since my last blog post, WordPress actually forgot my username and password – yikes!

The last two months have been harvest-y like crazy: both Cody and I were busy bees at our respective wineries; he, making the wine, and me, watching others make it outside my office window. But as it always does, the craziness has come to a close, giving us more than enough reason to celebrate (*side note: Cody’s first harvest as Assistant Winemaker: definitely the most stressful yet, but also the most awesome).

First, we had the Bedrock harvest party.

The Bedrock Crew(Us with Intern Extraordinaire Angela and Newly Promoted Cellarmaster Luke)

bedrock-party2(Post-party fireside time)

It was SO fun to be at the party again this year, just because whenever we experience a year anniversary, I go into a kind of shock over how long we’ve been living in California (minus the New Zealand stint) and how many wonderful things we’ve been blessed with along the way – dear friends, great jobs, our puppy, a sweet home, and on and on and on.

After that weekend, we had some of our first house guests! First, my dear college besty Betsy came for the full Wine County experience. We spent the weekend seeing the sights, “helping” Cody at the winery, and of course, quoting Mean Girls and referencing the OC as much as possible. And maybe recreating the intro song for Full House.

bets1The day after Bets flew back to the Midwest, another batch of Iowans came to visit: Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa! I LOVED giving them the full Ram’s Gate experience – I am so proud of my workplace – and walking through the vines with Grandpa, talking about farming in a way I never appreciated growing up among the cornfields.



photo (3)

Blissful sigh for wonderful family time – having three generations together is always so special.

The day after the parentals were here, we had some of our friends over for a little housewarming party. It’s quite the trek to get out to our place, with crazy winding roads and zero light, but the time was ripe to show off our beloved home. I loved connecting with some friends we hadn’t seen in a while, and we had some amazing bottles of wine in the mix as well. I neglected to capture many of those moments, but they included an outta-this-world Champagne Magnum and our first set of Zalto glasses that I only have horrible photos of – Cody’s bosses TOTALLY spoil us. 😉

That brings us up to today! And full confession here: I’ve been rockin’ the Pandora Christmas station all day. Sorry, not sorry. I’m not allowed to listen to it in public until after Thanksgiving, and not around Cody until after his birthday (December 3rd), but in my secret quite alone time… it’s happening. Anyone else??

Until next time!

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