Ummmm Catchup, and Words

Oh boy, I have not blogged in quiiiite some time. I would say that there just wasn’t much to talk about, but really I just wasn’t a talker. I noticed this a couple days ago, popping open my Macbook and realizing that pages were still pulled up that I had looked at four days ago – wow. I am actually going DAYS between computer time. Now, that said, I am on my phone constantly (with the semi-lame excuse that it is my job to be on my phone), but still, I consider that quite the accomplishment, considering my affinity for the internet – almost as much of an accomplishment as how many commas are in this sentence.

What has been going on in the Rasmussen Household? Tons of wonderful things: lots of company and memorable moments with family, friends, and friends who are family, a fabulous holiday season with a baby tree I was immensely proud of, ringing in Christmas and the New Year with whole days of relaxing with Cody and the pup in front of our fireplace in our fairy tale forested home.

My New Year’s resolutions? Reading lots of books about marketing (1 per month, to be precise)…maybe blogging about them? Getting better at photography and photoshop, and HTML, too. Improving my writing skills, improving my wine writing skills. Becoming official members at our awesome church and attending every Sunday (*asterisk: when harvest come, we’ll have to reassess our progress and be a titch more flexible). Doing the same ol’ saving money thing – Cody’s totally on that. Continuing to semi-document our lives on this blog. Shedding off the last few pounds before Rach & Graham’s wedding in May. Learning stuff along the way.

I am so happy to greet 2014 with a firm business woman-y handshake. This year, to our knowledge, doesn’t have the wild ride of travel that New Zealand provided almost exactly one year ago – ditto with big job changes and moves. We get to be stable, if stability is really a thing, and just dwell. As I am currently dwelling with a glass of Cody’s latest favorite Bedrock wine, cuddled in my blanket with Kinster on his Birthday Present Bed behind me,

Kinley The Golden - Happy New Year

that sounds like a pretty good plan to me.

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