And then it was February

So much for my New Year’s resolution to blog more! But, this morning I’m heading into work late so I have time to catch up on things over my cafe au lait. Plus, Cody is out pruning today, which is a happy reminder of how I want to document such things on this blog. (Side note: I haven’t written a blog post about pruning yet for the Ram’s Gate blog, but I mentioned it in a post about dormant vines here). 

Lately, we’ve been busy with work and more wonderful company here in our woodland estate. I’m working on a couple different mini-writing projects right now (most excitingly, our Sister Toast for Rach & Graham’s wedding), plus scurrying around with work. Tonight I’m headed to San Francisco for a Nerding Out seminar about Facebook Marketing. So far, my 2014 has been very Marketing Education-y, with a Digital Marketing last month and now this, plus my resolution to read a marketing book each month. So far:

January: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg (LOVED IT – I HIGHLY recommend for everyone to read)
February: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell (good, but a little dated – I definitely need to catch up on his more recent publications)
February #2: Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing without Organization by Clay Shirky (same as Tipping Point – it’s really interesting to read books about Social Media and digital marketing from the early 2000’s – many MySpace mentions and references to Blogs as “weblogs.” Hehe.) 

March: A bunch of books by Seth Godin. 


Other than work and lots of reading time, we’ve had a very Golden Retriever weekend.Image

On Thursday night, Cody’s brother Jacob flew in, and they drove to Ben Lomond to pick up Kinley’s baby cousin, Denali, who then flew with Jacob to Iowa on Monday to be Angela and Lee’s new puppy! 

Denali is an Antares Golden just like Kinster, and the two have the same grandpa. We saw tons of similarities as they played over the weekend, and it was super cool to see Denali learn so quickly, seeing Kin do things first. Examples include going up and down stairs (which took Kinner at least a few weeks to learn) and … digging in the dirt outside (we tried to discourage that one as much as possible). 


So much wonderful puppy love. I definitely went into puppy-separation depression yesterday, but Kinner was there to get me through it. 

In other news, we FINALLY got some rain this weekend – praise God. It is still very droughty around here, but I believe a couple storms are in the forecast for February. Also, THREE MONTHS from today is Rach & Graham’s wedding, AKA the social event of our year. I am incredibly excited.


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