Reflections from my milk frother

I’m feeling reflective this morning.

Kinley the Golden Retriever is Feeling Reflective

So is Kinley.

I think I’m feeling reflective because, for the first time in a couple weeks, I’ve had the chance to be. We got up this morning and I immediately did all the scrubbing I’ve been putting off all week. Cody made Fourbarrel coffee while I made an egg white spinach scrambler, then he turned on the World Cup while I sat down to finish a freelance piece. Now, I’m on my second coffee — this time, a homemade vanilla latte courtesy of my Nespresso machine and milk frother,

Nespresso homemade vanilla latte YUM

{Visual aid, because coffee pictures are great}

and settled into such a state of contentment that journaling about it wasn’t going to cut it.

I was struck this morning, sipping on my latte and turning in copy, that I have been writing for Publix Grape for almost three years now. What started with a quick email from a dear childhood friend turned into three years of quarterly content development. I’ve been able to interview some really cool wine and food people and create a couple fun wine and food pieces along the way.

This is startling to me because three years ago, Cody and I were newly married and I was frantically emailing my resume and cover letter to Sonoma County businesses, not even sure what I wanted to do with my life, but riding on the coattails of Cody’s passion for wine. Now, we’ve been to New Zealand and back. We’ve moved four times and now live in an unbelievable home up a mountain outside Glen Ellen. I have what I can only describe as my dream job, hanging out at the most beautiful winery in Sonoma and writing about vino. Marriage is getting more fun and awesome each year. We go to a wonderful church, have great friends and love our home. In summary, I feel incredibly blessed.

My point to all this is that I’ve been thinking about the act of leaving this week. I was the first sister to leave the Midwest, which terrified me since everything else in my life, Sarah did first, then told me what it was going to be like so I wouldn’t be scared. The saddest I’ve ever been in my life — which speaks to how little heartbreak and loss I’ve suffered, for which I’m super grateful — was the day Code and I said goodbye to our families on my parents’ driveway in Orange City. I knew it was good and right and best for us to leave together and start our married life. I knew Cody and I were about to embark on a fabulous adventure. I trusted God would provide what we needed, that he would be faithful. It was the physical motion of departure, the ritual of leaving, that pummeled my heart.

I relive this now because this month, Sister #1 and Sister #3 are doing the same thing. Kurt and Sar left the Midwest yesterday to drive across the country and ferry up to Alaska for a yearlong residency (there goes my status as having the most adventurous life!). In a couple weeks, adorable newlyweds Graham and Rachie are doing the same, but a few thousand miles south, driving to the LA area. We all seem to have a “Go West” thing going on. I’m so excited for them, and simultaneously reliving the staggering feeling of exiting one place and entering the unknown. A gazillion people do this; it certainly isn’t uncommon or special. Just change-y.

All this, from steaming milk this morning. Another timeless example of what coffee can do.

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